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in collaboration with Myra Eetgerink 

Choreography and performance   Enrico Paglialunga

Dramaturgy and performance   Myra Eetgerink 
Music   various artists

Lights   Enrico Paglialunga
Duration   35min ca. 

Year of production   2022-2023

Tech(no)body is an interdisciplinary ongoing research project that merges dance, spoken text, music, and multimedia elements. We rely on recent results of AI and biomechanics to question our collective responsibility to the relentless advance of technology. We believe that technological progress is for us a concrete possibility of building a society based on inclusion and equality. 

The work hypothesizes future scenarios to explore possible interactions and logic of coexistence between humans and humanoids.

What will be the social, political, and relational implications of human-humanoid coexistence?

Would we still have clear markers to distinguish one from the other?

Humans create AI; are we really facing superior intelligence or are we experiencing a flattening of the human intellect? 

Supported by 

Screenshot 2024-01-02 135713.png
Tech(no)body - 2022 first study

How will
humanoid robots
live together?

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