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C O L L A B O R A T I O N  W I T H  T H E  A S T R O P H Y S I C I S T  F A B I O  I O C C O

Concept  Enrico Paglialunga, Giacomo Mattogno, Fabio Iocco
Choreography  Enrico Paglialunga
Camera & direction  Rani Messias
Original music   Giacomo Mattogno
Texts   Ilaria Chiusolo
Venue   Birdmilk Collective studio
Year of production   2020


Antonia Weise, Jaime Caballero Milani, Joana Marcus, Krisztina Zsigmond, Rosa Kutz, Mathias Janos Gebauer, Nefeli Pantazopoulpu, Nao Silva, Csilla Toth, Jorinde Lea Miller, Silvia Martella, Lina Maro, Valentia Selestina, Tuan Ly, Tarlie Lumbi, Ronja Nehls , Carla Perez Mora, Aanna Tabea Roschka, Franziska Hoelig, Eva Sophie Phillips, Hana Stojakovic, Lara Jacobi, Danni Herman Andersen, Maddi Fuente Ubani,Anja Mujic,Anne Brüning.

The work depicts the current scenario of human consciousness on Earth, as opposed to our capacity to evolve and rise above times of crisis by awakening as a collective.

Pproject2 (2)_edited.jpg

From the collaboration with the astrophysicist, Fabio Iocco comes to life the open workshop HumanGalaxy made in 2019.
The dialogue between dance-sound and astrophysics in relation with a drone camera has stimulated anew research process resulting in the music video project. In an attempt to translate the formation of a galaxy by drawing on forms of language andrepresentations other than those of physics, the dancing bodies become symbolic expressions ofuniversal physical laws.

In our earthly perspective, what happens above us is reflected in similardynamics in everyday life.

Foto credits_ Lucia Circo
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