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Open Laboratories - Perfromance Projects - Participatory Public Format  

to create an opportunity for mutual exchange and offer a close perspective on contemporary dance creations .


training for professionals and students

The practice is mainly focused on floorwork technique, facilitated by the integration of flying-low elements and improvisation tasks. The space around the body takes on a spherical shape within which the peripheries of the body (hands, feet, head) can explore infinite interconnections, dynamics and speed.

We work on coordination,stamina,musicality but also sense-body planning and precision in execution. 

In a playful environment, we learn choreographical material and find satisfaction through our dancing and sharing with the group.

I share EPlay practice in dance centers, academies and theater dance companies internationally in Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Switzerland.  

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©Maria Cheilpoulou


workshop with Sonia Rodriguez Hernandez

The workshops it is designed for students and professional dancers. 

It is a unique opportunity to experience the combination of the two different styles that characterize the dance vocabulary of Enrico Paglialunga and Sonia Rodriguez.

The two choreograhers have been sharing their artistic practices for about four years and through this workshop format, they want to explore the infinite possible pathways towards a new language that blends the characteristics of both. You will get the chance to explore deeper the personal energetic and physical work of the two artists through the study of technique, improvisation, partnering and choreographic material. Two teachers, two styles and many new information to explore.

Particular attention will be given to each dancer in searching for their own unique personality and expression by revisiting the material learned during the day.

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'SHAPE OF MOVING WAVES' - performance project

with live electronic music by Giacomo Mattogno

Is a format developed at first place in collaboration with the TanzFabrik Berlin.

A second creation has been developed in collaboration with Idea Festival Amman & National Gallery of Fine Arts Amman, The creations are all in collaboration with live electronic music composition by Giacomo Mattogno. 

This project focuses on the staging of a site-specific performance throughout a period of residency together with a mixed group of local artists related to the hosting community.

A movement and sound creation inspired by the characteristics of the hosting country, its cultural roots, traditions, history, people and territory. The performance project aims to offer the public insights into the artistic process and create a collection of works involving various communities. A compilation of performances to celebrate the beauty of diversity and the
particular characteristics of the participants culture.

info & booking:

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© Silvia Martella- IDEA fEstival


site-specific creation during of 20h residency at TanzFabrik Berlin, in collaboration with 23 local participants from various background. 

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site-specific creation during 5days residency at IDEA Dance Festival Amman, in collaboration with 20 Jordanian- Syrian refugees and hosted in the spaces of the National Gallery of Fine Arts Amman

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'LIGHTHOUSE' - performance project

with Sonia Rodriguez Hernandez

Based on the last duet production ‘Lighthouse’ created from the collaboration between Sonia Rodriguez and Enrico Paglialunga, this performance project arises with the idea to research the combination of both choreographic languages in a new version for a group.


We investigate the theme of ‘travel’ as a transitory moment in our life. We want to give our contribution towards a more empathic way of perceiving not only the process of migration, but what happened in a human scale to the persons that leave everything to move to a land where they expect to find a better living.
What happens when you leave your homeland, your mother language and common sense, and you enter into this uncertain space where there are no longer references? What we leave behind keeps evolving, developing a life while we are not there. You are still there but as an absent presence (for your family, your loved ones). How do we deal with this double status?. We are moving in a new world, without known references as basic as language (in its broad sense) and we carry our own known world as an invisible shadow. 
This format is an experimental way to gather together various backgrounds towards the realization of a short creation inspired by the characteristic of each participant.

info & booking:

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© Carlos Collado - Eyes on performing arts


age 15+

open movement laboratory

This lab is open to amateurs of any background, you get the chance to explore and discover your own body language, alternating individual movement exercise to couples and group games. Analyzing the relationship between the movement, space, and music, we experience different forms of communication with yourselves and the other with the support of sounds, drawings, and movement tasks. 


No dance background needed, just a lot of curiosity and desire to have fun dancing.

info & booking:

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©Lena Giovinazzi


age 13+

open level LAB with live electronic music by Giacomo Mattogno

The laboratory is an open-level group experience that elucidates the relationship between sound-movement-space. Taken from the creation ‘Shape of Moving waves’, the lab is an experimental journey inside the physic of sound to explore different movement forms guided by live electronic music of Giacomo Mattogno.

Under the project 'InCapsula? Enrico and Giacomo aim to offer insight to the artist's working method and creates opportunity of exchange, audience outreach and meeting between people of any background and culture.

Open to any background, no dance or music background needed. Suggested for school class.

Duartion: 3hours

info & booking:

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©Lena Giovinazzi

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©Cesare Zomparelli 

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