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artistic statement

We live in a hyper-digitalised society and I have a very conflictual relationship with technology.

In my works I am in fact interested in ivestigating the social-political-relational implications in the human-technology relationship.

Today, a large percentage of contemporary dance production uses technological tools. We see many works with an attractive, hyper-digital aesthetic. I share the widespread need to respond also with art to the incessant technological evolution, but I believe that often dance, when placed side by side with technology, loses its authenticity and independence, becoming a subordinate element. My works search for authenticity of the body and the performer.I search for emotions without illusions.

What then is my artistic responsibility in this hyper-digitalised society? Does my dance really need to experiment hand in hand with new technologies in order to impress the audience? Are new languages and original aesthetics really emerging or are we still dealing with a mere optimisation of what dance has already been experimenting with for many years? 

This is where my choreographic research begins in an ongoing love-hate relationship with technology applied to contemporary dance creation. 


Italian choreographer, dancer and teacher based in Berlin.

Since 2017 he conceives/directs and choreographs stage, digital and film productions. 

He privileges group works to better investigate the infinite relational possibilities between bodies; but also works for the urban space and works conceived with community participation. 


His works has been selected and shown at the National Academy of Dance Rome (IT), TanzHaus Zürich (CH), AckerStadtPalast (DE), Idea Festival & National Fine Arts Gallery Amman (JO), Lacuna Festival Lanzarote (ES), Festival Canario Dentro y Fuera (ES), Fusion Festival (DE), At. tension Festival (DE), Ada Studio Berlin (DE), Tanzfabrik Berlin (DE), TenDance Festival (IT), DanzaUrbana (IT), Bonsai Festival (IT), Nao performing festival (IT),Twain Festival Direzioni Altre (IT) and many others. As dancer he worked internationally for Enzo Celli (IT), "Wee Dance Company"- Görlitz (DE), Helena Waldmann (DE) , StaatsOper Unter den Linden (DE), Theater Strahl Berlin & DeDansers (NL) and Theater an der Parkaue Berlin. Enrico teaches floorwork technique to students and professionals in numerous dance centers, academies and universities in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Poland and Germany. 

From 2019 to 2023 received scholarships by the Fonds Darstellende Künste, Tanz:Digital and by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (DIS-TANZEN) with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.

Premio Tendance 2018 foto Eleonora Radano 02.JPG
Premio Tendance 2018 foto Eleonora Radano 04.JPG


  • Winner of DanzaUrbana XL 2021 with 'Shape of moving waves' -Network ANTICORPI XL (IT)

  • 2016 1st Prize at ChoreographicCompetition 3..2..1..Dance! Krakòw (PL)

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